Barbarossa Urdu Episode 1

Khair ul Deen Barbarossa

Barbaroslar with urdu subtitles

خیرالدین بابروسہ باربروس لار اردو

Barbarossa Urdu Episode 1

Barbarossa English Episode 1

فہرست پر واپس جائیں

The story of 4 sailor brothers who ensure Ottoman supremacy in the Mediterranean; Hayreddin Barbarossa, Oruc Reis, Ishak and Ilyas.

Who is “Barbarossa”

He is “Khidir ibn Ya’qub”, his nickname is “Khair al-Din Barbaros turkish series episode 1 english subtitles“. He was born on the Greek island of “Lesbos”, and his father was a Janissary (a janissary squad of Ottoman infantrymen known for their strength and valor) from Vardar, and his mother “Catalina” was a Christian (widow of a priest), He has four older brothers: Ishaq, Aruj, Elias, and Muhammad.

Barbaros season 1 episode 1 english subtitles

Aruj and his brother barbarossa season 1 episode 1 english subtitles were Christians, then God guided them to Islam, and they entered the service of Sultan “Muhammad al-Hafsi” in Tunisia, as they were intercepting Christian ships and taking what was in them and selling their passengers and navigators as slaves. bid.

All the brothers worked against the pirates of Saint “John” stationed on the island of Rhodes.

Barbarossa episode 1 in urdu

Elias was killed in one of the battles, and his brother Aruj was captured in Rhodes, then fled to Italy, and from there to Egypt. He was able to meet the Sultan “Qansuh al-Ghouri”, who was preparing to send a fleet to India to fight the Portuguese, and ordered Larouj to ship a ship with its soldiers and equipment to liberate the Mediterranean islands from European pirates.

Barbaros episode 1 in urdu

In 1505, Aruj captured 3 boats, moved his operations to the western Mediterranean and was stationed on the Tunisian island of Djerba.

Arouj worked to transfer thousands of Muslims from Andalusia to North Africa from 1504 to 1510. He also liberated Algeria and then Tlemcen from the grip of the Spaniards, so he became famous and became famous for his heroism.

Barbarossa episode 1 with urdu subtitles

Arouj declared himself ruler of Algeria, and was able with the power of his state to expel all the Spaniards from the coasts they occupied, and to annex Egypt to his state, and sent Sultan Selim I with his allegiance and obedience to the Ottoman Empire .

Barbarossa saves the Muslims of Andalusia

The Spaniards were appalled by the strength and expansion of the young state, so they prepared a campaign of 15,000 fighters to suppress it, and penetrated into Algeria and besieged Tlemcen. Arouj was captured and then killed in August 1518. His younger brother Barbarossa succeeded him and became governor of Algeria.

His strength was not enough to confront the Spaniards, so he asked Sultan Selim I for extensions, so he provided him with a force of artillery and 2000 strong Janissary soldiers.

Sultan Selim I asked Barbarossa to rescue the Muslims of Andalusia from the Spanish Inquisition, which was afflicting them with woes, so he sailed from the far east in Turkey to the far west in Andalusia to fight the crusader armies (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and the ships of St. John).

Barbaros episode 1 urdu subtitles

Barbaros episode 1 urdu subtitles penetrated the sea fortresses and was able to dock safely, and destroyed the Spanish garrison of the city, then entered the land, fought a street war and raised the banner of Islam over its castles. Barbarossa surprised the churches in order to prevent the escape of the Catholic priests who knew the secret places of torture, as all the dark church buildings were immediately searched and the secret tormenting West was found.

Barbaros episode 1 english subtitles full episode

Barbaros episode 1 english subtitles full episode took care not to transfer the Muslims from the dark prison cellars until sunset, to avoid blindness as a result of not seeing the sun for years, and the prisoners were transferred to Islamic ships to avoid having their skins torn during pregnancy.

He also cautioned that the operation from docking until takeoff would not last more than 6 hours before the arrival of any extensions to the enemy from neighboring cities, and he sailed under cover of darkness, and was able to paralyze the enemy’s naval movement on his way back to Algeria, contrary to what the enemy thought his return to Turkey from Thus, he wanted to deceive the enemy and rescue the prisoners to treat them as soon as possible.

And 70,000 Andalusian Muslims were transported in a fleet of 36 ships, in seven voyages in 1529, and settled in Algeria, which fortified it against the attacks of Istanbul.

Barbarossa in Istanbul

After the death of Sultan Selim I, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent succeeded him by providing Barbarossa with weapons and men. He summoned him to Istanbul , entrusted him with reorganizing the fleet and supervising the construction of new ships, and entrusted him with the task of including Tunisia (ruled by the Hafsid state) to the Ottoman Empire due to the importance of its location.

Barbarossa left with a fleet of a ship and 8,000 soldiers towards Tunisia, and succeeded in seizing it, and declaring its subordination to the Ottoman Empire in 1534.

In response to Barbarossa’s victory in Tunisia and his attack on the Spanish coast, the Spanish King Charles V prepared a tractor campaign that headed to Tunisia, and was able to seize it in the same year.

Barbarossa responded with a surprise raid on the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and captured 6,000 Spaniards and brought them back to Algeria. News of the raid reached Rome as it celebrates the capture of Tunisia from the Muslims.

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